Dental Crowns Zirconia


Did you know that zirconium crowns provide the most durable and best smile aesthetics? This dental crown is made from zirconia, and that material is pretty strong, and it is compatible with the human body. Zirconia is used in many other medical applications and is known for its strength and durability.

Zirconia is a type of white metal that is long-lasting and indestructible.

Plus, there is no fear about the body rejecting zirconia or displaying an allergic reaction to it. It is safe to use and preferred by many people to porcelain fused to metal crowns.

Why Zirconia Crown?

Strength: zirconia crowns last longer than other types of crowns. Zirconia is a highly durable and solid material. It’s simply the strongest material used in dentistry to this point.

Aesthetics: Zirconia teeth have an attractive translucent colour that blends in well with the other teeth. Because it is white ceramic with superb translucency features, zirconium restorations are highly aesthetic because they do not contain any metal in their structure.

Retain more of the existing tooth: Less preparation is required which means more of the original tooth is preserved. The main objective is to save the original tooth and make it look more aesthetic.

Like gold, it is very well tolerated by the body, has no allergic effects and, because it is not a metal, it never corrodes or deteriorates.

Since they are produced by computer systems or skilful technicians by hand, zirconium-based prostheses are highly precise and accurate.

So, zirconium crowns will be an excellent choice if you are looking for a strong, long-lasting, and visually appealing crown. Additionally, they are ideal for covering signs of damage or staining as well as maintaining the function of the tooth.

If you have some cracked/chipped and also misshapen teeth, they will have better looking with zirconium crowns. Along with this treatment plan, your teeth’s colour and shape will be perfect, and the proper and balanced dental occlusion will be adjusted accordingly.

Advantages of Zirconium crowns:

  • Zirconia crowns are a type of body-compatible metal used in dental treatments for those who are allergic to metal or have metal sensitivity.
  • Due to zirconia having a metal-free structure, they do not reflect grey metal colour in crowns, unlike traditional metal crowns in terms of aesthetics.
  • Since the zirconia crowns are bonded/fitted one by one, there is no cleaning problem, and it does not make lisp sounds while talking.
  • They will last more than 15 years provided you take good care of them.
  • The duration of treatment is 7 days, and you can certainly have both a holiday and your treatment.

Disadvantages Of Zirconia Crowns

Some people may wonder if there are any downsides to having zirconia crowns, despite their biocompatibility, metal-free composition, aesthetic appeal, and strength and durability as a white metal structure. However, the truth is that the disadvantages of having zirconia crowns are minimal.

It must be noted that zirconia is widely perceived as a tough metal due to its structure, which may pose significant concerns. It has the potential to apply pressure or friction on the roots of teeth, resulting in possible issues. Furthermore, the use of zirconia in dental applications may also cause damage to the surrounding or opposing tooth. These are paramount considerations that must be kept in mind when contemplating the utilization of zirconia.

Before undergoing any dental treatment, it is important to set realistic expectations for your smile. This will ensure that you and your dentist are on the same page regarding what can be accomplished. We highly recommend consulting with your dentist beforehand to determine the appropriateness of any treatment. This approach not only guarantees that your expectations will be met but also ensures that you will receive the best possible care from your dentist.

Transform your smile into a dazzling masterpiece effortlessly! Our clinic specializes in dental crowns zirconia treatment that caters to all your smile design desires. Experience the joy of having the perfectly aligned and bright teeth you’ve always envisioned by booking an appointment with us now.

The day-by-day procedure of having zirconium crowns:

Face-to-face consultation, taking an X-ray and choosing the shape, size and colour of your veneers; then preparing for the crowns, including taking an impression. (it takes about 2 or 3 hours)

This is a trying-out appointment. Checking the veneers how they look; after that, if need be, they may send them back to the technicians for alterations/adjustments. (30 minutes)

Fitting day. Veneers are fitted (about 2 or 3 hours)

The last check. The doctor checks your biting and crowns in general. (30 minutes)

Dental Zirconia Crowns Antalya

The best dental zirconia crowns in Antalya are at Dentodream!

If you’re seeking dental aesthetics solutions, zirconia veneers should be on your radar. Turkey has established itself as a leader in this field, and the results attained through this technology are truly remarkable. Dentodream, located in Antalya, is a clinic that is second to none and definitely worth considering. Their team of highly skilled professionals has helped countless patients achieve stunningly beautiful white teeth and smiles. With their unmatched expertise, it’s an opportunity not to be missed.

You will be delighted about your upcoming journey to Antalya. You must have heard numerous positive remarks about the destination, and you will witness its beauty for yourself. Furthermore, you are to receive zirconia crowns in just a week, which will undoubtedly enhance the radiance of your smile.

Please make sure that an advanced, qualified and competent prosthodontist carries out your dental treatment.

You can make your dream smile by getting zirconium veneers in Turkey. Also, you can check out our zirconia crowns before and after pictures in the smile gallery.

Why do you want to get your crowns done in Dental Dream Turkey?

The only reason is that you’ll be treated by the most experienced dentists in Dental Dream Turkey. Your smile will be changed and your teeth are worth it!

For zirconia crown price in Turkey, please  the free consultation below.

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