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Plan your next travel to Antalya/ Dentodream.

Antalya is a place where it is easy to access from all over the world. There are direct flights from your country to Antalya.The most important thing is that you are having both your dental treatment and your holiday in this called Turkish Riviera, Antalya.

Most treatments require you to stay in Antalya from 5 up to 7 days, and our many patients make their holiday plan out of the trip. You can both arrange your holiday and your dental inquiry. The only thing is to let us know beforehand which dates you would like to come and visit our clinic.

All the Airport transfers and transfers -in between the local hotel and the clinic- are provided through us. Our patient coordinator assists you in all the treatment processes during your staying and visit.

As for helping find your hotel, we can recommend you some hotel names. You can choose one of them.

We would like you to feel at home during your treatment, from your arrival to your departure.

It’s our job to make this dental trip easy for you during your treatment.

Our ultimate goal is to ensure complete, absolute, and unconditional customer satisfaction.

 We are here to help you as follows:

Free Consultation: We help you find the best treatments during the consultation and plan your appointments.

Free Transfer: Including airport and transfer in between hotel and clinic.

Free Panoramic Scan and Xray: Using the state-of-art technology in Dental Dream Turkey.

 We get in touch with you at the earliest and answer your all questions through Whatsapp or phone or email.

We determine the date of appointment and the cost of the treatment.

Come and have your teeth done with our experienced dental team.

Let’s make it happen and make your dental dream come true in DentOdream!

We make your smile better.

Your teeth are worth it!