Emax Veneers


The perfect material to make your dreams come true is Emax veneers. The first step to having a beautiful smile is to imagine it. It is essential to make the right decision for white and pearly teeth.

What is Emax veneer?

Emax is an appropriate material used in cosmetic dentistry, mainly composed of lithium disilicate and quartz, actually fused with porcelain. Emax veneer is translucent, and it looks so natural after applying. Veneers made of Emax material will be the best smile makeover for you in terms of aesthetic appearance.

Emax veneers are more durable when compared to traditional veneers. Emax veneer is a procedure that causes minimal preparation to your original teeth, approximately 0.3 mm. If you want whiter and straighter teeth, Emax veneers are for you.


The Procedure of Emax Veneers/ Emax crowns

After making a consultation, the doctor starts taking your dental impression. You can have Emax veneers 8+8 or 10+10 on top and bottom teeth. It depends on your smile line, indeed. After the preparation phase, your temporary veneers will be ready and fitted. Along with minimal preparation, your teeth are ready for the next stage.

At your next appointment, our specialist doctor will bond your veneers; namely,  translucent and thin pieces of Emax veneers are cemented onto the visible parts of your teeth. And then she checks your biting first and foremost to make sure everything is fine with the procedure. After the doctor makes sure that everything is ok, the Emax veneer procedure will be complete.

Emax veneers at Dentodream are handcrafted by expert technicians in modern laboratories just for you.

Emax veneers are apt for those who have straight and good condition teeth. FYI.  You can choose your colour and style as you wish. Please get in touch with our friendly staff on the contact page.


Aftercare of Emax Veneers

Providing that you brush and floss your teeth regularly, Your veneers will last over 15 years and further.  In addition, you can also use a gentle cordless irrigator for oral health care interdental mouthwash clean. The procedure of Emax veneers/ Emax crowns take only 7 days.

The day-by-day procedure of having Emax Veneers:

Face-to-face consultation, taking an X-ray and choosing the shape, size and colour of your veneers; then preparing for the crowns, including taking an impression. (it takes about 2 or 3 hours)

This is a trying-out appointment. Checking the veneers how they look; after that, if need be, they may send them back to the technicians for alterations/adjustments. (30 minutes)

Fitting day. Veneers are fitted (about 2 or 3 hours)

The last check. The doctor checks your biting and crowns in general. (30 minutes)

The Advantages of Emax Veneers

The most significant advantage of Emax veneers is their striking resemblance to natural teeth. These veneers possess a unique translucent appearance, providing a remarkably realistic appearance.

The fact that they are composed of natural tooth material is a notable advantage. Additionally, Emax veneers offer a myriad of benefits for dental health, such as compliance.

Overall, It is strongly believed and suggested that Emax veneers are an excellent solution for individuals seeking a natural-looking alternative to address their dental concerns.

It’s important to consider that certain patients may have sensitivities or allergies to metal. Therefore, it’s crucial to select veneers that are appropriate for them. In cases where you want to avoid any potential complications, Emax veneers are the ideal choice.

Emax is composed of a material that does not trigger any allergic responses, making it the clear choice for patients with metal sensitivities.

Let us delve into the advantages of Emax Veneers in comparison to alternative options:

The inherent aesthetic quality of the material, coupled with the multitude of options available for modification, provides a technician with the ability to introduce a range of artistic elements. This feature allows for creative expression and the opportunity to infuse individuality into any given project.

The ability to bring forth a unique artistic vision distinguishes exceptional technicians from their peers. Overall, it is impressive with the versatility and potential of this material.

When getting dental work done, thickness is a key factor to consider. Depending on what you want to achieve, your smile may need to be widened or certain teeth may need to be reshaped. Sometimes a thicker material may be required to get the desired result, while in other cases a very thin material may suffice. Ultimately, the thickness of the material used will depend on your specific needs and goals.

You can be confident that this outstanding product has been engineered to endure even the toughest of conditions. Its impressive sturdiness and ability to resist acids and wear ensure that it can effortlessly handle the most demanding environments.

As a result of developing technology and demands, we have varied colour preferences in the colour scale you want in our clinic. Along with the standard colours, you can find the desirable, ideal and beautiful colour options with your wishes and expectations. For example, some prefer more translucent colours, while others prefer opaque white tones.

In comparison to the other smile makeover options, the drilling, or filing down process is at the very minimum; i.e. the tooth preparation is at the lowest level. Emax veneers do not cause more shaving on the original teeth due to their thinness.

Providing proper oral care and cleaning are maintained, the lifespan of Emax veneers is between 15 and 20 years. As a result of your dentist’s guidance and information, you will have Emax veneers for a long time with the regular check-ups you will have at certain times after the treatment.

One of the most frequently asked questions is whether veneers change colour or stain over time. We can patently say that veneers do not change colour over time; specifically, there is no discolouration or looking yellowish, and they keep their quality for years.

Veneer with Emax material:
  •  is renowned for its biocompatible with any sense.
  • is not affected by erosion or abrasion for a very long time.
  • since some specific cementing /adhesive materials that are not dissipated in the mouth are being used, veneer naturally and easily bonds to the tooth..

The Disadvantages of Emax Veneers

As a matter of fact,  it has the slightest disadvantageous procedure among all smile makeovers. We apprise our patients about the procedure ahead before treatment. With this information, it is favorable to know the following situations:

The Disadvantages of Emax Veneers

The most salient fact is the cost of this treatment for the patient when we compare it to the zirconium crown price. Plainly, it is a little more expensive treatment than zirconia crown.

Since veneer is a noticeably sensitive material and needs a very delicate craftsperson, a specialist dentist is indispensable for a smile makeover. Make sure you find the ideal clinic and the right dentist for the best results. Thus, by choosing a professional dentist and dental technician, you will prevent possible problems.

The veneers you have chosen or imagined may not be an excellent choice for you. To make the final decision, what your dentist will say in the consultation is relevant. Your dentist will explain precisely the most ideal choice for you in a face-to-face consultation.

If there are large gaps in the mouth and a bridge is required, Emax veneers cannot be done.

  • Veneers are preferred to be applied to the visible parts of the teeth. Veneer is not recommended to be used on the back teeth ( occlusal surfaces) because they are in relatively thinner structures, and there will be a great deal of pressure on the back teeth; therefore, It can be broken.
  • One of the disadvantages is that the veneer is convenient only for one tooth; that is, it is not suitable for multiple teeth in two, three or more blocks. It is worth saying that implant and zirconia dental treatments should be preferred in posterior teeth or when there are substantial spaces/gaps in the mouth.

Other things to know about Emax Veneers:

Emax veneers do not stain or discolour on the condition of brushing and flossing your teeth daily and also visit your dentist for a regular check-up every year.

It is pretty straightforward and practical to provide hygiene and cleaning as it is bonded one by one.

In addition to its aesthetic appearance, it does not give rise to a lisp while speaking, unlike other old methods. Because as it is mentioned earlier, veneers are bonded single by single.


The procedure of having Emax veneers is minimally invasive and requires minimum preparation.

Depending on your eating habits, it is up to you to extend the life of veneers. The gaps between the veneer and the teeth can be closed conveniently. Along with Emax veneers, misaligned, discolored, or chipped teeth will look better than your natural teeth.

Not advisable for those who have Bruxism ( teeth grinding ).


Emax veneer is a translucent material. Therefore, if you have darker-colored teeth, and you are looking for brighter teeth you should consider other treatment options.

You may be unhappy with your existing teeth, and you want to improve your smile with a minimum of shaving. Also, if your teeth conditions are acceptable and healthy, Emax veneers are the best option for you.

So then, why don’t you send us your teeth pictures for the consultation, and let our doctors view and plan your dream smile now!

Are you ready for you to have the best version of yourself? Because You’re worth it!, and Your teeth are worth it!

Please contact us as soon as possible for a Free consultation!

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